Brady vs Ryan By: Jamir Sellers

Yes, it can be a little selfish to not mention the teams and just the quarterbacks, but let’s face it, the quarterbacks are always the face of any Super Bowl, especially the ones we have competing this year.

Tom Brady being suspended for four games, many people had counted out New England’s chances of even making it to the playoffs, as silly as that sounds.  New England seemed to not miss a beat with Tom being out with the hot 3-1 start. With Brady’s hunger for another Super Bowl berth and a little more motivation since the questionable suspension, the Patriots are right back in Super Bowl to some people’s surprise.

Brady has had a remarkable season so far, ending the regular season with a touchdown to interception ratio of 28-2. Did anyone count on Brady to just really count a loss to this season and maybe just settle for not making it to even the playoffs?  Many must not know the competitor that we have been watching for the last 17 years.

With Brady this is nothing but old territory. Going to the Super Bowl seven times during his incredible tenure, it seems as if he might finally get that fifth ring and becoming the leader of quarterback’s with Super Bowl victories.

Now let’s shift to Matt Ryan.  Many had doubts on his ability to carry a somewhat young offense.  Matt Ryan has proven his elite status that many had been waiting on for quite some time.  Coming close to 5,000 passing yards and ending the season leading the NFL in touchdowns, many football watchers would crown him MVP.

The question with Matt Ryan is, really what we all want to know, can he lead this unexperienced Falcons team to a Super Bowl victory.  Matt Ryan only had one career playoff victory before this year.  Now he is playing the most important game of his life and it is against the powerhouse of the league The New England Patriots.

Many are counting out the Falcons saying that inexperience and the lack of knowing what kind of scheme New England will have for them is their downfall.  However, with the offensive weapons that the Falcons have, with Ryan showing he is more than capable of not just eyeing down one receiver, this Super Bowl may prove to be one of the best we have witnessed.

Brady and Matt are both playing for something, and I think football fans in general should be thankful we will see these future hall of famers take the field in less than two weeks.

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