How did Terrell Owens get snubbed

By Pernell Beals

The NFL Hall of Fame voting committee decided not to induct Terrell Owens, for the 2017 NFL Hall of Fame class. As crazy as it may seem, the Hall of Fame might not be just about a player’s on field performance.

Terrell Owens is 2nd in all time receiving yards*, behind Hall of Fame wide out, Jerry Rice. He is also 3rd in receiving touchdowns*and 8th in total receptions*. In all of the categories that count for a wide receiver, Terrell Owens is in the top 10.

Owens did have issues with his former teams, but he produced on the field. Owens made his team better and his Quarterbacks great.

If he’s not considered a Hall of Fame player than how is any receiver below him consider one?

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