Kevin Durant, the Warriors need their money Back

Warriors : Kevin we need our money back!

In July, the NBA went crazy when Kevin Durant decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the, defending Western Conference Champs, Golden State Warriors. Now, nine month later, the Warriors have lost more games than they loss all last season and Kevin Durant is out for the rest of the season with a leg injury.

Photo via Bleacher Report 

The question is, was signing Kevin Durant last July worth it?

The Warriors look great without Durant, but with him the Warriors look vulnerable. The Warriors seem to be more in sink when they are without Durant. I do not believe Durant was worth picking up, because the Warriors were only one game away from winning the NBA Finals just a month before signing Durant. There was no need to waste the money on a player who does not give his all every night. Durant is a solid player, but I do believe he could do a lot more.

The Warriors are the team to beat in the west and know how to get to the NBA Finals without Durant. The Warriors are currently on a 10-game win streak without Durant in March, so if the winning streak continues into April and possibly into the playoffs, then the Warriors made a bad deal by getting Kevin Durant last off-season.


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