Warriors vs Cavaliers, Round 3

We are about to see a third straight meeting between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The super teams will clash.

Both teams planned all season long just to get ready for the rematch. The warriors added Kevin Durant as their big off-season move. This move came with backlash because Durant decided to leave his championship contending team for the team that beat him to get there.

Some NBA great viewed this move as a weak move on Durant’s part, but a very strong move by the Warriors.

Kevin Durant almost beat the Warriors in last year’s western conference finals. Durant was on the Oklahoma City Thunder last season, and the thunder were up 3-1 conference finals and let the series slip away.

Now that Durant is in a Warrior’s uniform; the Warriors have a clear path to the NBA finals.

The Cavaliers and the Warriors saw this match-up coming as soon as Durant joined the Warriors in July. The Warriors are sweeping teams in each round of the NBA playoffs, and the Cavaliers only loss one game in the playoffs so far. Now both teams are only four wins away from capturing the championship, the playoffs will finally begin!

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