Their Futures look Bright

The NFL has some young quarterbacks who are the face of their respective teams, but one day one of these quarterbacks might be the face of the league. Each quarterback on this list have made enough plays in their short NFL careers to raise some eyebrows around the NFL.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

Carr had a great season that came to an end right before the playoffs. The Oakland Raiders unquestionable leader put the Raiders in position to challenge the New England Patriots. Derek Carr 28 touchdowns and 6 interceptions puts him in the conversation of the next Elite NFL QB. The Oakland Raiders are building around him and are becoming a true force in the depleted AFC. Carr has a great receiving core with Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. With Carr under center, the Oakland Raiders are the third best team in the AFC.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Prescott is the hot hand in the NFL. He is on Dallas Cowboys, Americas team. Prescott did not start the season as the number 1 guy in Dallas, but by the end of the year he was “The Guy” in Dallas. He took over for the injured Tony Romo, ending Romo’s career, and never looked back. Leading the Cowboys to the playoffs and to a playoff win over the Green Bey Packers. Dak Prescott recorded 23 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Prescott was drafted in the 4th round of the 2016 NFL draft, and has played as if he was the #1 pick. If Prescott continues to improve and to keep his turnovers down, he will be a staple in the NFL for years to come.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

The Hawaiian native has come into the lead with a swagger to him. Coming out of Oregon, where the ducks rarely used any type of NFL style offense. It was questionable whether he would be able to translate his abilities over to the NFL game. One thing is for sure, Mariota has adapted to the NFL quiet well. The dynamic 2nd year quarterback threw for 26 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions.

Drafted 2nd overall to the Tennessee Titans back in 2015, Mariota has turned the Titans into playoff contenders. Obviously, the Titians will need to add some extra pieces for Mariota to grow into the elite quarterback we all expect him to be. Mariota is a humble leader, and with the 2017 NFL season approaching fast, he will need it to lead the Titians into the playoffs.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The young gun-slinger came into the league with an outgoing personality. He joined the down in the dumps Buccaneers as the #1 overall draft pick in 2015. He is a great leader and a motivational speaker for his team. Winston loves the game, and will do almost anything it takes for his team to win. He is always upbeat and never sad. He is a true competitor and doesn’t settle for losing. Compared to the rest of the young gun-slingers in the league, like Mariota and Derek Carr, Jameis has a steeper hill to climb if he wants to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

The Buccaneers added the dynamic play making wide receiver, Desean Jackson, to help Winston move the ball down field faster. Winston will need to improve his decision making if he ever hopes to last in this league; throwing 28 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. I look forward to seeing what Winston can do in 2017.

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