Worst Trade in the NBA since 2000

Over the last 17 years the NBA has had some great teams form because of some horrible trade deals. Even now, the Boston Celtics are about to cash in on a trade they made with the next, Now the Celtics are sitting as the eastern conference finals runner-ups and sitting with the #1 draft pick. So it had me thinking what were some other horrible trades?

Oklahoma City trade Harden to Houston

Maybe the dumbest trade in NBA history if you ask me. The thunder were so concerned about giving harden a Max deal back in 2012 that they actually let a future NBA MVP get away.

Oklahoma City had a young big three that they drafted; Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook. All were key pieces in the thunder reaching the NBA finals so early in the trios career.

Now, just seven years later the thunder have only one of the big three they had drafted. Kevin Durant decided in the off-season to sign with the star powered Golden State Warriors instead of resigning with the Thunder.

What if James Harden was never traded? What if video made by Mike Korzemba

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