Schools that produce the most NFL Star power

Colin Cowherd made a comment about the Miami Hurricanes being an all-time great school that produced NFL star during their dominating years. Cowherd compared Miami’s players to Alabama players that go off to the NFL, he stated that Miami produced stars while Alabama produces regular players.

At  this current time, Alabama football program has produced a lot of NFL players with a few star like Julio Jones for the Atlanta Falcons, but compared to Miami’s run at the top Alabama doesn’t come close to Star power.

If Alabama doesn’t produce NFL Star power than who does?


The irony in this choice is that Ohio State ended Miami’s dominance over college football with a controversial pass interference call in the 2002 BCS National Title game.

What Ohio State has done since that game is remarkable when it comes to producing great NFL players. A lot of the Ohio State players are good players for their respective teams. The buckeyes are everywhere in the NFL. The buckeye players are not as vocal as the Miami Hurricane greats were in the NFL, but the buckeye players play speaks loud enough for them to have that title as a NFL Star maker.

Ezekiel Elliot, running back, 1/2 of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback running back duo lat year. Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia Eagles  safety, has played 9 years in the NFL and has been a solid NFL player since being drafted. Terrell Pryor Sr., Ted Ginn Jr., Joey Bosa are all players that contributes to the Ohio State Star power.


The school that always seems to put stars into the NFL is LSU. Odell Beckham, New York Giants wide receiver; Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals lock down corner; Tyrann Mathieu, Arizona Cardinals Safety; Eric Reid, San Francisco 49ers Safety; Jeremy Hill, Cincinnati Bengals Running Back; Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphins wide receiver.

That is jut the tip of the ice burg. LSU has a true talent for putting into the NFL quality players that have swagger to them. If there is any school that has produced true NFL Star power, it would be LSU.

LSU are likely to add to this list of NFL Stars with new LSU alumni have enter the NFL. My best bet is that Jamal Adams, New York Jets rookie safety, becomes a feared safety in the NFL.

Are there other schools that have produced NFL stars? Most certainly, but this list is more about the quantity of NFL Stars compared to the quantity of players put into the NFL. This is a main reason why FSU hasn’t hit the list yet.


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