Andre Ward wins in a Knockout

Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev II lived up to it’s small hype. Andre Ward found a way to knock out Sergey Kovalev with a punch to the gut.

Although this title fight rematch was the only fight tonight, it was almost like an under-card fight to the real boxing matches coming up in August and September.

Promotion for this fight was less than effective. If you were to ask an average Joe before Saturday what boxing match is coming up, they would respond with Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. That fight is expected to be an absolute sellout.

The problem with the Ward vs Kovalev II fight was the lack of loud mouth showboating fighters or fighter. Andre Ward made a slight comment about Sergey possibly being racist, but other than that the hype was watered down.

Maybe the announcement of Floyd coming out of retirement hurt the Ward fight, but for whatever reason Boxing can’t seem to find true headliners post Floyd Mayweather.

Canelo Alvarez vs GGG is expected to be the fight boxing fans have been missing, a true slug-fest between Boxing’s best, but can it over-shadow the Mayweather show come September, after Mayweather’s return to the ring?


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