2017 NBA Draft: The Point Guard

A quick run through leading up to the NBA draft. The point guard position in the NBA is about to get a huge boost. This class of point guards could be the best the NBA has ever seen. 4 point guards are projected to go inside the top 10, and 3 of the 4 point guards are projected to go in the top 5. Unlike the NFL, the NBA draft is easier to predict who will go in the top 10.

Markelle Fultz, the 6-5 point guard out of university of Washington is the consensus #1 overall choice in the 2017 NBA draft. The guy with the most hype coming into the NBA has the loud father, Lonzo Ball.

Lonzo Ball is a 6-6 point guard out of UCLA with a solid jump shot, but Lonzo’s most important skill is his passing ability. Lonzo has visited the guys at ESPN Sports Science recently and the measurable’s were astounding; he put a pass through a car window while it was driving.

Lonzo still has some major work to do defensively. When Lonzo Ball went up against De’Aaron Fox, the other top 5 projected point guard, Lonzo ball looked out of place. Fox ran up and down on Ball and the UCLA Bruins to capture a win in the NCAA tournament this past March.

The NBA has turned into a league where the point guard can not only pass but also dunk on you in the paint. These two point guards reflect the change going on in the NBA, where the generation of players coming into the league have solid handles and a tenacity to take over a game at any point.

We can credit this change in point guard playing style to Allen Iverson, or even Russell Westbrook.

The NBA is about to get a little more exciting.

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