Floyd Mayweather gets zero respect

It will be great to see Floyd Mayweather back in the ring, holding the boxing hostage again. Floyd has been out of the ring for the past two years in retirement and focused on writing the next chapter of his life at the young age of 40.

While that sounds nice, Mayweather will return to the ring, and lace up his gloves to face another young fighter who believes he is worthy of knocking Floyd Mayweather out, and take the seat at the throne of the greatest fighter.

It is true that Floyd’s next challenger is a champion, but he is not Floyd. Conor McGregor will be put to the task of backing up his own words, and beating Mayweather in a boxing match on August 26, 2017.

It will be a warm Saturday night when Floyd and McGregor go at it in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, but what better way to have to combat sports come together to see which sport is truer.

McGregor has a background in the UFC Octagon, where it seems as if anything and everything I legal inside the ring. Fighters kick, punch, knee, elbow, headbutt. It is a true barbarian type of sport. Floyd is the traditional fighter, he only weapon is his hands which have beaten 49 fighters and has never seen a loss.

Although Floyd is the home fighter, or the A-side if he would tell it, Floyd seems to be the most hated. There has been countless post about McGregor beating Floyd. McGregor hails from Dublin, Ireland, and he is the most liked by the fans in America.

Critics are saying Floyd can’t knock out McGregor,

I guess the American public are tired of seeing Floyd Mayweather win and flash his winnings in front of every media station.

One thing is for sure, Floyd Mayweather will be ready and should come out on top in this major battle of Boxing vs UFC.

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