College Football is back in Pensacola

Last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, decided to shut down all schools in the state of Florida because of Hurricane Irma. The massive Atlantic Hurricane devastated the Caribbean islands and was predicted to do the same. As Hurricane Irma made land fall as a category 4 hurricane over the weekend, colleges and university decided to cancel all sporting events in the state of Florida.

Well the storm is over, and the UWF Argos are back in action. The Argos will take on the Chowan University Hawks.

The Hawks comes to Pensacola at 0-2 record on the season. The Hawks had 42 points put on them by Delta State last week.  Delta State threw the ball well against the Hawks, putting up over 300 yards in the air.

Chowan’s defense was solid against the run against Delta State, State only rushed for -26 yards. But, that’s probably because the week before Chowan’s defense gave up over 200 yards rushing against Fayetteville State.

The Argos should do well against Chowan. The only obstacle the Argos must overcome is rust. The Argos haven’t played more than one game, and in that game, the Argos didn’t really look solid.

The offense took too long to get going, and the Argos didn’t run the ball well in the only game they’ve played this year.

The Argos defense, just off their first game, look like the strength of the team. But, that might be a good thing. Most teams with great defenses win championships, like the 2002 Baltimore Ravens or the Alabama Crimson Tide.

This week is for the offense to gain some confidence. Fan day scrimmage before the season, the Argo receivers played like the elite player we believe they are. They caught almost everything that the quarterbacks threw at them. The running game helped that day too. The Argos were balanced, but I might be over thinking that game because it was just a scrimmage.

The Argos will move the ball on the Chowan and win this game, but by how much?


Argos: 35

Chowan: 15


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