#25 UCLA and #12 LSU, What happen?

#25 UCLA vs Memphis

Two weeks removed from making the greatest comeback in college football history, #25 UCLA is stunned in Memphis. The Memphis Tigers put up 48 on the Bruins, 48 – 40.

UCLA should go back to the drawing board and find out why the defense is suffering so much. In week 1, the bruins defense allowed Texas A&M offense to move the ball up and down the field on them. Now, against the Memphis Tigers, the defense laid down again.

Memphis had over 500 yards of offense on the Bruins. 400 of those yards came from the Memphis quarterback slicing and dicing the UCLA secondary. The run defense wasn’t any better. This loss is not good for a team that will face stiffer competition later in the season.


UCLA quarterback, Josh Rosen, had a solid game. He was 34/56 for 463 yards. He threw 4 touchdowns and ran for 1, but Rosen turned the ball over twice.

Rosen is still a good quarterback even with the interceptions, but he’s going to have to do a lot more than he is already doing. Rosen’s defense is not going to do him any favors this season.

With this loss, Josh Rose slips down in the Heisman race.

#12 LSU vs Mississippi State

The Tigers were routed in a blowout to Mississippi State, 37-7. Crazy right. The Tigers dominating defense allowed the Mississippi State bulldogs to walk all over them. Rushing for more than 300 yards on the day. The Bulldogs were balanced as balanced offenses can get.

Mississippi State controlled the clock all game. I don’t remember the last time LSU were beaten soundly on all levels of the game. The Bulldogs had 7 consecutive games where they scored either a touchdown or a field goal.


Mississippi State’s quarterback, Nick Fitzgerald, has looked and played like a star. He had 4 touchdowns by on the day, 2 by air and 2 by land. After this dominating performance, one can only speculate to how big the #1 Alabama vs Mississippi State game will be, it may have championship ramifications.

As for #12 LSU, the season can still be saved if the Tigers win out. The Tigers will drop in the polls.

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