The NFL Unified by President Trumps “SOB” Statement

I never thought silence could speak so loudly. In a unprecedent change of events, many NFL players took a knee in support for Colin Kaepernick and his protest for injustice. Many players felt obligated to take a knee after President Donald Trump called NFL players “SOB’s.”

His Statements shocked the NFL and its owners to their core. The man that is expected to be the best representation of what America is, has stumped on its core values. These values are the ability to have free speech, the ability to protest freely, the ability to kneel or stand for what is right.

Nearly 14 months ago, Colin Kaepernick sat and kneeled in solidarity to the injustices that plague our great nation. He believed that the American government and law enforcement are not upholding the key values that set America apart from others.

So many Americans who have never fought for this great country have demonized what Kaepernick was doing because they thought it was an insult to America, but in all actuality, it was an insult to America for those same Americans demonizing his freedom.

On Sunday, September 24, 2017, the world saw free men kneeling for what is right. Even if it took so long for a lot of the players to do it.

I didn’t understand why most of the players in the NFL did not join Colin Kaepernick early on in his protest? Shannon Sharp said it best “They did not kneel in protest they knelt because Trump called them SOB’s… I’M NOT IMPRESSED.”

I wonder will the players continue this display of unity, or will they stand once the dust is cleared?

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