The Revenge of Mr. Anthony

By: Mr2woLetters

2017 was supposed to be a year of prosperity and blessings for everyone, but somehow, New York Knickerbocker (well ex-Knick) Carmela Anthony, has had nothing but tragedy. From his disagreements with former Knicks’ president, Phil Jackson, his public infidelity against his “wife” Lala, and other situations, it finally looks like Carmelo is playing defense.

This summer, “Hoodie” Melo has emerged as a dominate superstar via social media clips. I don’t know if Melo has only one hoodie and never stops playing basketball or he has an unlimited supply and has decided to make that his summer outfit. Whatever it is, the power is surely within the hoodies.

Recently, ESPN did its NBA player rankings and ranked Melo number 64 (65: Marcus Smart, 63: Lonzo Ball).

Anthony is only 1 of 4 players to score at 20 PPG every year of their career. Other players included in the list are Jordan, LeBron, and Durant.

In my opinion, Anthony is a Top-15 SF of all time (only because he is behind greats like Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Scottie Pippen, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, and The King — LeBron James.) However, experts believe otherwise. Why does the NBA believe Melo is considered a fallen star? I don’t know. Experts today aren’t really experts.

This upcoming season Melo will display why he is a future member of the hall of fame. Watch him as he brings the thunder with Broddie and PG13. Please remain calm when it begins to rain threes and opponents start falling to their knees. Please people, just stay Me7o.

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