Trump at it again. His hate for the NFL runs a lot deeper than kneeling players.

Trumps constant rants about what the NFL and it’s owners should do about their players kneeling for the national anthem has a lengthy history that dates all the way back to the 80s.

Back in the early 80s, Donald Trump attempted to buy a team in the NFL, but was denied. He later decided to start another football pro league that would compete against the NFL for top players, the USFL is was what it was called.

The two leagues ended up in court over disagreements and eventually it was settled with the USFL winning the argument at a measly win of $3.76.

At time of the court case, the USFL was dealing with financial troubles that spans before the court case against the NFL. Trump was a major player in that court battle, and he has never forgive the NFL.

Years passed and it seemed as if Trump had forgotten the whole ordeal. Trump befriended NFL owners, players, and even commented on a few NFL issues. In 2014, Trump tried attempted to buy the Buffalo Bills for $1 Billion but was out bidded by Terry Pegula, an real estate tycoon.

Trump was so mad at the devastating loss to another billionaire that he went on a rant about the NFL on Twitter.

His dislike for the NFL has become more evident since taking over the highest office in the land.

Since his take over Trump has had players from various leagues decide to not take part in visiting him once they have one a championship.

Players have argued against his views on racial issues and his handling of natural disasters. Even his Charleston, SC response was horrible. Calling the white surpremacist at the rally good people.

The NFL must tread lightly when handling the President and it’s players because the NFL owners are literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The owners can’t force their players to stand because it’s against their Constitutional rights, but can Roger Goodell? He has sent a memo requesting for the NFL teams to force their players to stand. The war of Trump vs NFL vs The Players will continue.

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