#2 Clemson is stunned by Syracuse

After dominating majority of the teams they played in there 6-game win streak to start the season, #2 Clemson, are beaten by upstart Syracuse. 

The Orange men jumped out to a 17-14 lead by halftime, this game was a back and forth. Every time Syracuse would score Clemson would score right back. But Clemson could never take the lead.

Clemson managed to tie the game up at 24. The Orange went down the field and scored an easy field goal to take a 3-point lead, and that would be all they would need to solidify the upset. 

Clemson had a slow start and the injury to their starting quarterback, Kelly Bryant, who was knocked out the game with a serious concussion. On the play of Bryant’s injury, he lied on the turf seemingly unconscious. We hope he has a speedy recovery.

What’s next for Clemson? Well the defending champions out of college football playoff contention just yet. The Tigers would need to win out the rest of the season in impressive fashion to get the nod for the playoffs. 

The Tigers still have NC State, FSU, and the ACC title game of games that matter. But for the moment Clemson must regain their composure and find out if their quarterback, Kelly Bryant, is done for the year or not.

As for the Syracuse Orange, this is a major step in the right direction for a program looking for a huge win.

The ACC is always an upset away from turning the entire college football world upside down.

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