#4 TCU and #8 Miami Pretenders or Contenders?

There are a few teams who have become regulars when discussing college football playoffs teams. But now, there are a few contenders that were not considered it the start of the season.

TCU and Miami, have become the new college football playoff busters.

#4 TCU has handled their schedule with ease, having key victories over Oklahoma State and Kansas State. #8 Miami has done ok so far this season. Although they are undefeated, the canes have had to put together last second scoring drives in consecutive weeks. The canes win against Florida State has become watered down.

The Seminoles have not been the same team since their quarterback, Deondre Francois, went down in week 1 against Alabama.

Miami and TCU are the only undefeated teams in their respective conferences. These next 5 weeks will determine if these two teams are contenders or pretenders.

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