Could not live up to the hype

Some never even had a chance to reach the CFB playoffs, but others had a chance but were ousted out early on.

Florida State were booted from playoffs consideration 2 games into the season. Louisville took a major hit versus Clemson, and now they have dropped 2 consecutive games to competition that they should gave walked over.

Auburn loss 2 games as well this season, and the latest loss was horrible considering they played a weak LSU team that lost to Troy. But then again, Auburn was not truly a contender for the playoffs anyway. We all knew that #1 Alabama were the only team coming out of the SEC West.

The Pac-12 at this moment are out in the cold trying to climb through the playoff window. The Pac-12 at the moment seems like the only power-5 conference with the slimmest of margin to get into the College Football Playoffs. All of their good teams lost to sub-par teams.

Washington and Washington State loss this weekend to teams in their conferences that were unranked. This loss has a lot of Pac-12 fans looking to USC to get them in the playoffs.

USC did lose early on in the season, but they Trojans are known for finishing seasons strong. Last year they went on a 10-game win streak after losing 2 games to start the season. They Trojans finished the 2016 season with a win in the Rose Bowl over Penn State.

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