Who is worthy of the Heisman Trophy?

This year’s Heisman has turned into a track race between every qualified player in college football.

At the start of the season college football thought it might have its first Heisman repeat since Archie Griffin did it for the Ohio State Buckeyes almost 50 years ago, but the reigning Heisman champion, Lamar Jackson, has quietly become an afterthought. His Louisville Cardinals are 5-4 this year, and have loss 3 out of their last 4 games.

Lamar Jackson is a great college football player, but he needs a team to help him, and until that happens Lamar Jackson will just be our 2016 Heisman Trophy recipient.


Now, we go from Louisville Kentucky to Southern California where pre-season Heisman candidate, USC quarterback, Sam Darnold rolled into the minds of college football fans as the favorite to win the most coveted individual award in all of college sports.

Darnolds heroics in the Rose bowl last season versus Penn State gave us a glimpse as to what Darnold can do when the game is on the line. But like most pre-season predictions, they were wrong. Darnold has thrown for 10 interceptions through 9 game this season, he threw only 9 all last year. He’s been sacked 17 time already and it might continue to rack up before the season ends.

Sam’s aspirations of hold the Heisman Trophy have gone out the window, just like USC’s hopes of getting into the college football playoffs.

Sequan Barkley, Penn States bell cow, has looked as NFL ready as any running backs in recent memory. He reminds me of former Ohio State running back, Eziekel Elliott. His style as a runner and ability to put up huge numbers this season put at the top of the list for Heisman candidates, but like always, the leader must fall.


This past weekend the we got to see Barkley on primetime going up against Ohio State, Kings of the Big Ten, and what did we get? Well, Barkey opened the game with a 97-yard kickoff return to open up the game. But other than a touchdown run, Barkley was put to sleep. Barkley had only 44-yards on 21 attempts. He averaged just 2.1 yards per carry. And if you take out his long 36-yard run, Barkley had only 8-yards. The Buckeyes stopped him cold.

With the leading man falling that must mean someone else is on the rise… that someone is J.T. Barrett.

Since losing in week 2 to Oklahoma, Barrett has not had one turnover, scoring three or more touchdowns per game. The Ohio State Buckeyes are averaging over 50 points per game. The only concern with Barrett and this Ohio State team is that they play the comeback game too much.

Against bigger opponents, Ohio State waivers in the first half but seems to come alive in the second. In order for Ohio State to make it to the Big 10 championship and possibly have a rematch with Bama in the College Football champ game, or Barrett to secure his place as a Heisman hopeful, the Buckeyes will have to be more consistent throughout the entire game.

Because there is so much confusion as to who will get the Heisman trophy, the last few weeks of the season is pivotal to anyone who wants to hoist the Heisman trophy.

And the winner of the 2017 Heisman Trophy is Insert name here.

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