Joel Embiid Dominates Los Angeles

In the two games Joel Embiid was in Los Angeles he has made it his home. He dominated the Lakers and the Clippers in his last two games.

Embiid has shot 62.5% from the field and amassed a grand total of 78 points in his last two games. Last night he had 46 points by himself in a solid win over the very young and rebuilding Los Angeles Lakers. Embiid crashed the boards just as well in his last two games, grabbing 15 rebounds on the Lakers and 16 on the Clippers.

For years, the Philadelphia 76ers were at the bottom of the NBA. They had a tone of young talent, but could not get the pieces to fit all together. The 76ers seemed to be cursed with injured first-round picks after first-round picks. But now, with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons healthy, the 76ers can now challenge the rebuilding Eastern Conference.

The 76ers are 8-6 and host the defending champion Golden State Warriors at home November 18, 2017. Tune in to watch the madness.

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