How about them Argos in Pensacola?

The University of West Florida Argonauts in just their second season as a football program are playing for the division II national title. So after the Argos huge win over the top-seeded team in the division II playoff, I got the opportunity to do a quick Q&A with one of the Argos defensive linemen, Mike Charles.

Here’s what Mike had to say about their unprecedented run to a championship;

How does it feel to be playing for a National Championship?

“It still hasn’t hit me yet, but I got jitters.”

Did you ever think in year 2, of the Argonauts football program being in existence, that y’all would be playing for an National Title?

“I didn’t know where our season was headed, but I knew that it would have been better than our first season”

In your opinion, what was the turning point in the season?

“The turning point to me was honestly after we lost to Delta State. That one really hurt us as a whole because it was one that we literally watched get pulled out of our hands.”

How about y’all QB, Mike Beaudry? What is that kid made of?

“Heart if you ask me.”

You guys have beaten 5 straight top 25 teams, how does that feel?

“We’ve beaten top teams only shows what I’ve been saying all along about this team. We have the talent.”

Your Head Coach is doing something unprecedented, what does he say to the team before you guys go out to the field?

“Coach keeps it simple with us. He’s telling this for the longest it was just up to us to listen to it and take it in. He and the coaching staff tells us they have faith in us all the time, it’s just up to us to really want to be the best.”

Was this your first time playing in weather that cold?

“No it wasn’t, I’ve played in the cold when I was in Chicago as well as when I was in Kansas.”

Would you say the foundation has been laid for the future?

“I would say the foundation was laid last season, but this season I would say the foundation has set.”

You guys will play on ESPN 2 next week, does it feel different with the spotlight all on you guys?

“Us playing on ESPN 2 doesn’t change a thing, we’ve played on t.v. before. It’s just on a national scale, but it wouldn’t change a thing in my eyes.”

If you had to say, who would you chose to be the Argos MVP?

“Defensive? I would give that to Jonathan Coleman.”

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