Attn; The early signing period is here! featuring 318photo.

December 20th was a very big day for college football. Many college football recruits were able to sign their letters of intent to the school they wanted to play for. A lot of big time recruits came off the board today, and a lot of speculation got answered as well.

We were able to catch up with Tre’von Ware (@318photo), to ask how he felt about the new 72-hour college football signing period. Here is what he had to say:

SH: How do you feel about the early signing period?

318photo: Very similar to what was done in the past. There’s always been an early signing period. Early enrollees simply get a platform and it’s good for the media. The only problem is, it rushes kids to make a choice vs normally when they would take official visits in January; a month before signing day, then they would commit.

SH: We felt the same way, we would rather players wait until after the bowl season.

318photo: Well look at this example, Alex Leatherwood Dylan Moses, Najee Harris (all were early enrollees last year) practiced with the team during the bowl preparation and got them ready for the playoff.

318photo: It makes since for a program, but it doesn’t make much since for a recruit that is in love with LSU, Miami, and FSU at once. It’s hard on them.

SH: Did anybody surprise you today with their commitments?

318photo: Only 1, @247CrystalBall keeps me on point. I didn’t see Nadab Joseph, a former LSU and Bama commit flipping to Georgia. No one saw that coming.

SH: Well Georgia’s class is pretty stout, so he probably chose them because they had the hot hand.

318photo: Stout? They are close to signing the best classes in the last 10 years. They have 3 more 5 stars coming.

SH: With all this being said, who do you have winning the National Championship?

318photo: Bama

SH: Why Bama?

318photo: Saban is working up a master plan. I don’t see Clemson QB making plays like Watson did. Bama is angry, when they’re angry no is beating them.

It was good to catch up with Tre’von, and if you wanna discuss college football with anybody, you can tweet @318photo. Also go check for one on one interviews with top high school football recruits and University of West Florida football players.

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