The Junior Basketball Association

The Big Baller Brand League?

News came out this week that Lavar Ball, leader of The Ball family, is preparing to start his own basketball league. This league will consist of top high school basketball players. These players will be able to get paid unlike college basketball players. This league will be the alternative to going to college. The league would be sponsored by the Big Baller Brand.

There are many perks to this league as well as risks. The benefits to this league is the ability for players to get paid for their play. Many of the top Highschool players go to college for only a few months before going to the NBA. The One and done rule. The players will be able to play in a league against other top players while preparing for the NBA. From what the Bleachers Report stated, the players would get paid between 3,000-10,000 a month. This would make those players professionals
Now the risk
The risk of players skipping college to play in the Junior Basketball Association League would be the lack of preparation that is needed for players to be ready for the NBA. Many top High school players aren’t mentally or physically ready for the NBA. The college ranks allow players to develop a little more before making the leap to the pros. The coaches in college are very good, and getting some lessons from the great Mike Krzyzewski is invaluable.
The biggest risk to this league would be the insurance. What college offers is injury insurance. If a player gets injured in college, the school pays for the recovery and care needed for that player to come back almost brand new.
The Junior Basketball Association League hasn’t materialized yet, but knowing how the Lavar Ball works, the league might be soon on the way. Now my question is, could this league mess up how college basketball get their players?

Lavar Ball has had many supporters of his new league. SportsHungry got the opportunity to talk to former University of West Florida basketball star Delo on Instagram and this is what he had to say about the Lavar Ball’s new league:
SH: What’s your take on Lavar Ball’s news of creating a new league?
Delo: It’s great. It’s inspiring to see someone go against the norm and challenge the NCAA. He’s taking that step that everyone else is scared to take and I hope he’s successful.
SH: If you had the opportunity, would you join or invest in to his league?
Delo: Definitely. I’d love to see it succeed and take away from the greedy NCAA. But most of all, I’d love to see history be made by another black man.

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