Diddy, an NFL Owner?

Last week, Sean “Diddy” Combs , the rap mogul, expressed interest on twitter about becoming the next Carolina Panthers owner. This sudden interest comes after the Panthers current and long-time owner, Jerry Richardson placed the team up for sale.

Jerry Richardson has been accused of Sexual misconduct in the work place toward female employees. Jerry Richardson had been accused of covering up the allegations by making settlements with the accusers. But after these accusations came out in the media, Jerry Richardson decided to put the Carolina Panthers up for sale.

Here is where Diddy comes in. Sean “Diddy” Combs comes in. The Music mogul expressed interest on twitter, and then the next big celebrity Colin Kaepernick commented on the post with similar interest.

We all remember Kaepernick, right? The outspoken quarterback who took a knee during the National Anthem, and started a Players vs the Owners beef. But really his kneeling was to bring light to the injustices in the United States toward minorities.

Now, Kaepernick might be getting his opportunity to return to the league, and not as a player or coach, but as an owner. The NFL does not currently have any African- American owners, and if Diddy and Kaepernick are able to get the money together and worthy group of wealthy partners to make the deal, we could very possibly see multiple African-American owners flood the league at once.

Other African-American owners in other major sporting leagues are Michael Jordan (Majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets).

The road blocks to Diddy owning the Panthers would be the other owners who have stake in the Panthers. Those owners could try to buy the shares that Jerry Richardson is selling, but the Panthers won’t officially be up for sale until the last Panthers game is played this season. So we could be waiting until February.

I don’t know about you all, but I am ready to see an African-American own a team in a league that is 70% African-American. Plus the NFL needs it, because the racial tension between the owners and its players is at a critical level.

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