Is Baker Mayfield ready for the NFL?

Last night the world got the opportunity to watch Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield one last time before he goes off to the NFL. It was also a chance for Baker Mayfield to show what he can do against an bigger faster defense, and what I saw was a fearless quarterback that played hard all night.

But the question is whether or not Baker Mayfield is NFL ready?

Sadly I say no! Baker Mayfield has the heart of a lion, but his quarterback mechanics are all over the place. Last night, in the Rose Bowl, I saw a quarterback who forgot his basic QB mechanics.

Mayfield’s footwork was off, which lead to passes being over thrown. I saw a quarterback who would not go through his progressions. Granted, the offensive coordinator for Oklahoma did not help his quarterback by calling plays that had Mayfield’s receivers going 10 yards minimum down field. Mayfield could use a quarterback coach who could works on his mechanics and prepare him for the NFL.

Mayfield had an amazing career at Oklahoma, but he must try to dodge the Oklahoma quarterback curse. Most Oklahoma quarterbacks do not live up to the yards they’ve thrown in college once they get to the NFL.

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