Jaguars move on to face Pittsburg part 2

The Jaguars will play Pittsburgh again in Pittsburgh. This game will be completely different from that first match-up between these two teams where Ben Roethlisberger threw 5 interceptions in a Pittsburgh 44-3 loss.

Jacksonville played a hard fought game against the Buffalo Bills, that saw Blake Bortles run the ball up and down the field of the Bills. Bortles in the first half had only 33 yards passing and 35 yards rushing, but in the second half that total went up to 89 yards rushing, 87 yards passing, and a touchdown.

Jacksonville started to move the ball in the second half on the ground with Bortles and Fournette. Fournette ran for only 56 yards, but those yards came at a pivotal point in the game against Buffalo.

Next week, Jacksonville will need to throw the ball a whole lot better if they hope to beat Pittsburgh. The Jaguars defense came up in the clutch, with a interception by the best corner in football, Jalen Ramsey, to end the game.

If Jacksonville does not win against Pittsburgh next week, we could possibly see Blake Bortles start his last game for the Jaguars.

Lead Photo from FirstCoastNews

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