Do NBA 2K League have a projected #1 overall pick?

There is a lot of hype in the e-sports community about the new NBA 2K League. A lot of 2k players are excited about the opportunity to play the game they love for money. There are already major NBA 2K tournaments that are played for big money, but now actual NBA teams are getting involved.

At the present moment, thousands of NBA 2K players are on the game, on either Xbox or PS4, trying to qualify for the opportunity to get drafted by an NBA 2K League team.

The criteria is simple; win 50 games in the Pro-Am mode and be 18 years or older by January 31, 2018 and you qualify for the next round that begins in February.

Out of the thousands playing on the game for the opportunity, only 85 players will be selected for the inaugural league. So with the limited spots, you can almost certainly guess that the scouts for these 17 NBA 2K League teams will make sure to do their homework on the prospects.

But just a few days into the first qualifier, there is already a player considered to be the #1 overall pick in the first ever draft.

Dimez is the name that I keep hearing throughout YouTube and Twitter. Dimez plays point guard for a NBA 2K Pro-Am team called Breakout Gaming.

Dimez recently led his team to a MPBA Championship on the PS4. Dimez has gotten the respect of other NBA 2K players. From his stat sheet he is very impressive. Averaging 15.11 assists and 21.08 points per game in team play.

One Forbes columnist, Brian Mazique, spoke highly of Dimez in a recent article Mazique said ” Dimez’s ability to create shots for himself off the dribble and for teammates is among the most sought after skills in the 2K League community.”

The NBA 2K League draft is months away, the #1 overall pick might change. As of right now Dimez is the expected top pick.

To check out more on Dimez and other NBA 2K League hopefuls read Brian Mazique full article.

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