Why Georgia and the Atlanta Falcons are one in the same

Going into last night, I was routing for Georgia to dethrone the Alabama crimson tide for a few reasons. The first was that one of the guys for Georgia went to high school with me, so that was reason #1. I support anybody that comes from Jacksonville, FL.

The second reason was because I was tired of seeing Alabama on top and was a little jealous. But something changed while I was watching the game.

My memory of my New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons started to jog in my mind. In that game the Falcons had jumped on the Patriots so quickly that before you knew it, the Falcons were up 28-3. Obviously, the Georgia lead wasn’t that big of a lead in comparison, but nonetheless Georgia came out in the second half just like the falcons did in Super Bowl LI.

Georgia took their foot off the gas. Georgia, going into halftime, were bullying Alabama up and down the field. Jake Fromm could do no wrong. Georgia played with a sense of urgency in the first half; running a hurry-up offense to end the first half to keep Alabama from substituting.

Alabama, before half, looked like they were going to implode. Fans could see that tempers were running high on the Alabama side.

All I could think was, wow… That look like the Patriots from last season. I found myself routing for Alabama to comeback out of halftime and steal this game from Georgia.

And they did.

Georgia not only took their foot of the gas, but it looked as if they were playing not to lose instead of playing to win the game.

Georgia got comfortable. The offensive line started to break down, wide receivers were not running hard enough, and the defense looked tired.

Alabama put in a freshman quarterback, running back, offensive tackle (the most important position on offense), and wide receiver to make the comeback.

Like the Patriots, Alabama played like they’ve been there before.

Georgia got away from their game plan. They were balanced with the run and pass in the first half, and the defense for Georgia was lights out. But as soon as the second half came, Georgia’s offense could not move the ball, while Alabama’s offense started to go on long scoring drives in the second.


Alabama had 6 of their 7 first half possessions go 3-plays and out. The only drive that went longer than 3 plays ended in a missed field goal. Alabama had 5 drives in the second half that went 6-plays or longer, each ending in points except one; another missed field goal.

Georgia beat themselves, and that is why they are looking at someone else take home a trophy that should have been theirs.

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