Did the new Overwatch League overlook one of the best because she is a girl?

Not even a month old, and the new Overwatch League has already received criticism for its lack of gender diversity. Out of all the Overwatch League teams, none of the teams currently have a female player.

Many of the teams addressed the situation by saying that it might possibly considered a PR stunt by the media if they had a female player on their team.

The E-sports community has had problems in the past diversifying its league to female players. One of the best female gamers in the world was overlooked by many of the organizations, but she might be one of the best players in the world.

Se-yeon is one of the best Overwatch players in the world, and she was past over as well. Some had expected her to be one of the main players in the league, but she too will have to wait for that opportunity to arise.

Their fans surly do not like it. Maybe next time Overwatch will allow the best players to play regardless of gender.

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