The Vikings are headed to Philly

The Minnesota Vikings are on their way to play the Philadelphia Eagles for the opportunity to return home and play for the Super Bowl in Minnesota. The Vikings would be the first team to ever play for the Super Bowl in their own Stadium.

With Case Keenum leading the way, the Vikings should be favored over the Eagles next week. Keenum played a very good game against the Saints, but he and the Vikings needed a little luck to finish of the Saints.

On the final play of the game, Case Keenum threw up a last ditch pass to Stefon Diggs, and Diggs answered the call when he leaped over a defender and took it to the house for a 61-yard walk-off touchdown catch.

The Vikings have been looking for a quarterback to build around for years, and they might have found their man in Case Keenum.

The Vikings will go into Philly with luck on their side, and destiny in their pockets.


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