Are you ready for the NBA 2K League Combine

Next month, the NBA 2K League will started evaluating players at their 2k League combine. This is very exciting news for players who hope to be one of the first players to be on a NBA 2K League team.

What should players be doing between now and February?

Players who have not yet completed their 50 wins need to do that as soon as possible. The deadline in January 31st if you did not already know. Once you have completed the 50 win minimum, you should be perfecting your skills like any other athlete who is serious about going pro.

From numerous sources who have talked about the NBA 2K League, players who are serious about being selected to the NBA 2K League should figure out what position their player is best at.

If you are a point guard, be a point guard that puts his or her teammates in the right position to win games. If you are a big-man or center, be a big-man. Your guy should be snagging rebounds left and right.

In order to be the best, you must hone your skills. So, if you got your 50 wins and decided to sit back and relax, than you have made a huge mistake.

NeXT, players should make a strong attempt at cleaning up their social media accounts. Image is everything, and if you have something on your twitter that you would not want your grandmother to see than you should probably take it down.

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