NBA 2K League News

Seems like every week there is some new information being released about the new NBA 2K League. Well  that is great for NBA 2K League hopefuls.

Yesterday, the 2K League released some new information regarding the 2K League combine that will be hosted in February. Some of the criteria for this combine was kind of hazy to say the least. Players did not know whether or not their NBA 2K18 My Player would be used for the combine.

So the NBA 2K League cleared some of the confusion up.

  • The League combine will begin on February 2-21 on PS4 and XBOX One.
  • League hopefuls must play at least 40 games at one position (PG/SG/SF/PF/C).
  • The League will have 12 pre-set playing windows during February
  • The League will evaluate box score stats and in-depth NBA 2K stats.

Here is some other good news about the combine;

  • NBA 2K League teams will have a sixth player.
  • The top 102 players will be drafted
  • More opportunities to play professional

The combine is open to all players who won 50 games in Pro-Am in January. Here are the times and dates for the 12 pre-set windows:

If you have any other questions about the NBA 2K League, please do not hesitate to DM _SportsHungry on Twitter on Instagram.

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