The Cav’s are sinking

By now, we would have hoped that the Cavaliers would have figured out their team chemistry with the addition of Isaiah Thomas, but it has gone from bad to worst.

Last week, Thomas outed Kevin Love because Kevin left the game against Oklahoma City due to feeling Ill. Thomas has only recently joined the Cav’s this season because he was injured, now he seems to be the one causing problems in the locker room.

Kevin on the other hand looks like he is getting frustrated with the Cavaliers. This could lead to Kevin asking to be traded out of Cleveland. Kevin played a major part in the Cavaliers reaching the NBA Finals 3 years in a row.

The Cavs did beat the Indiana Pacers last night, but we can still see problems between Kevin Love and the rest of the team.

Hopefully the Cavs could get better before the Playoffs.

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