LeBron James to the Warriors

Sometimes in sports we deal fantasy. We talk about what could happen or what if this happened, but most of our fantasies and assumptions never happen. But as February 1, 2018, our fantasy team and the unbelievable might actually happen.

LeBron James stated that once he becomes a free agent he will consider going to the Golden State Warriors with Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson.

This is what you would call a super-team.


Having the 3 best Basketball players in the world all on the same team would be crazy. The NBA as it stands at this moment are having a hard time beating LeBron by himself, but if he does decide to join the Warriors he would most certainly win another  NBA Finals Championship.

What would joining the Warriors do to his legacy?

Well in my opinion, a move like that would hurt his legacy. He would be joining  the team that beat him in the finals twice. He would be Kevin Durant part 2. Most great players don’t join the team that beat them in the Finals, but this is a different era of basketball players.

Most players want to play with their friends, and it just so happens that the best NBA players are all close friends in that regards.

If LeBron makes that move the Warriors, the league will have to crown the Warriors NBA champions for the next 4 years.

Feature photo from CliveNBAParody

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