The NBA 2K Combine has begun

Friday, February 2nd was the beginning of the NBA 2K League combine. All participants who met the required 50 wins in January were able to log-on to the NBA 2K League Combine and show what they got. Although the league did have a few kinks it had to fix that warranted the league extending the combine a few more hours.

The Combine will be played all February, and the only requirement is to play at least 40 games and ball out. The League made the combine an even playing field when it created pre-set archetypes for players to choose from. Each player is pre-set at 90 overall, and the archetype that you choose will do what that position and archetype is suppose to do. Players must work with the archetype they play best with.

Some players have done well in the archetype they have chosen to play with. I’ve also watched a guy on YouTube, and his anger towards the combine was that he was playing with random players who did not own a mic. So plays could not be run properly to his liking.

Players will have to get use to playing with random players, because once you are chosen by a team you will be playing with guys that you have never met before. There was 72,000 players who qualified for the NBA 2K League combine.

Players have also complained about the wait time to actually get matched up to play their combine games. They have also complained about their games not being recorded once they have logged out and logged back in. These are problems I’m sure the NBA 2k League is trying to figure fix. but until then, ball out.

The NBA 2K League will be a different experience for everyone playing. My suggestion to anyone who is considering playing in the league, find your archetype and practice with it on your downtime. Practice makes consistency.

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