UWF Argos enter Day-3 of fall camp.

SportsHungry was on hand at the UWF day-3 of fall practice, and we had the chance to see the division 2 runner-ups at their Day 3 practice. Some quick notes we noticed is that competition is everywhere on the field. The Argos looked good in individual drills, but they are in just helmets and shorts.

The other notes are some of the receivers dropped catchable passes from returning starting QB, Mike Beaudry.

Mike had a solid off-season as he went to the Manning Passing academy, and his growth in his ability and decision making was on display on day-3. He dropped a dime to his outside receiver in a place where some NFL Quarterbacks can’t even put the ball.

Some of the DBs were talking trash about how they were gonna lock the receivers down, but Beaudry had other plans. He put on a show in 7-on-7.

*The only bad part of day 3 was the receivers dropping catchable passes, but every school in college football are dropping passes on day-3. Come game one, the Argos will be ready to make another run to a title.

*The Argos had a lot of new faces out on the field today.


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