Diamonds in the ruff

In the NFL there are a lot of guys who get drafted; guys who get the chance to here their name called early, but then there are those guys who have to wait longer and sometimes never get that call on draft day. But, these guys are what make the NFL, The NFL.

College helps players build a resume for the job they want, but just like any other college student, where you go can help you or hurt you when pursuing a career in your field. Players who were drafted late or not at all, are unfortunate casualties to poor performances in college or just not enough film on tape to justify a higher selection in the draft, but that is ok. Players who come in with this late round or un-drafted tag are usually the guys with the chip on their shoulders.

Let’s take Victor Cruz for an example. A small receiver coming out of UMass, steps on to the pre-season NFL field and blows everyone away with his ability to make the difficult catches when he is only 5’8-5’9. Victor Cruz goes on to have a solid 8 year career in the NFL before retiring in 2018. He leaves as a significant member of the New York Giants 2014 Super Bowl winning team. Will Victor go into the Hall of Fame? probably not, but what he did was show people that even the little guy can play receiver and make a difference.


So here are list of guys who could make the leap from 7th round- un-drafted rookie to NFL Super Star.

Leon Jacobs, LB, Jacksonville Jaguars

The seventh round product out of Wisconsin, has made an astounding leap from 7th round pick to starter in just a short period of time. Jaguars long-time middle linebacker Paul Posluszny, retired earlier in the off-season. This departure created a whole in the defense in which Leon Jacobs has benefitted.

The Jags made Leon a day 1 starter once pre-season began. If he pans out right, he would a true diamond in the ruff kind of guy. He is a blue-collar type of player that follows the mold from which Wisconsin has produced great players from; just look at the Watt brother.

Jacobs leads the team in tackles so far this Pre-season. This stat is very impressive because of how dominate the Jags defense was last year.


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