Duke Pre-season: Who can stop Zion?

When it was announced that Zion Williamson was going to join No. 1 and No. 3 overall high school basketball players at Duke, the questions were would he shine as he did in high school? Now after Duke pre-season Canada tour, the answer is yes. Actually, the entire country is trying to figure out how to stop a man child that looks like Shaq but jumps like LeBron.

In Zion’s latest display of his outrageous and rare talent, Zion racked up 34 pts., 13 rebounds, and a few assists. Zion game isn’t perfect by far. Besides the dunks and his crazy size that allows him to jump over even the tallest defenders for rebounds, Zion need to improve his court vision and his team game.

Zion has been so use to being the only player on the court with NBA caliber talent that he missed a few opportunities to get his fellow teammates involved. The legendary Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski), will have the luxury of working with Zion and making him an even better player.

With the top 3 recruits from the 2018 class on-campus already, Duke should be favorites to win the Championship even with a tough ACC schedule.

(Feature Photo from SneakHype.com)

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