Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for President?

20 years ago, the thought of an athlete, celebrity, or anybody that’s not a career politician running for the highest office in the land would have been crazy. That person would have the hardest climb to get just the nomination, but this isn’t 1998. In the year 2018, a celebrity running for president has almost as good of a chance as a politician.

So why not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

The reason why The Rock would be a favored candidate out of all the celebrities is his ability to relate with anyone. From being a top high school athlete and getting accepted into the University of Miami to becoming one of the biggest super star wrestlers in the 90s. He has come from the bottom of the economic line with just $7 in his pocket to becoming the highest paid actor in the world. But wait, The Rock really?

Yes, The Rock. The Rock was asked if he would ever run for President and he responded with an ” It’s a possibility.” The Rock understands that the presidential role is a difficult one, but he also understands that the bigotry that has been going on inside of our country needs to stop.

After Donald Trump ran for President and won, it put a bright light on the United States because we as a country elected a guy who goes against everything America stands for… which is Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

One thing is for sure, the Rock will be prepared for the 2020 election. Nobody knows if he will run for President or just be a huge contributor to whichever candidate he decides is worthy.

(Feature Photo credit to: Dave J Hogan, Vanityfair)

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