Week 3 preseason: What did we learn, Who is Wims?

Week 3 preseason we got a little more clarity as to which guys are going to make the team, as well as who which teams look good. In week 3 of the preseason, we usually see more veterans suit up for about an half so we are getting ever so close to the start of the regular season. So what did we learn.

Chicago Bears

The bears might have gotten the biggest steal in the NFL Draft. Javon Wims continues to make play after play after play. Some of the questions NFL scouts had about Wims was his speed, and after his 53 yard catch that put the bears into scoring range, that question might have been answered.

Besides that catch, Wims added some more catches to his show that he was putting on against the Kansas City Chiefs. Wims caught a toe grab in the back of the end zone that was comparable to Michael Jacksons lean in one of his music videos.

The Bears have been looking for a star receiver since Alshon Jeffery left. Wims has good size that could make him a future #1 receiver in the Bears offense, and to top it off, the Bears got him in 7th round.

Talk about Diamond in the Ruff.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles may not have improved like we thought he would. He threw horrible in the first half against the Falcons. It might be rust, but at this point, I think the best contribution Blake can give to the Jags will be to just manage the game.

The Jags defense and strong run game will have to carry the Jags to the Super Bowl. The Jags have solid receivers who are young but hungry. The only problem is Blake’s inability to start the game ready and be consistent.

Only time will tell if Blake Bortles improved or got worse, because as of right now, it looks like the latter.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are under construction, well mainly the passing game. The Ravens have adopted the RPO offense so they can help Lamar Jackson and Robert Griffin III work affectively. But so far it has been a little bumpy. Lamar is still having issues dissecting what the defense is trying to do, and it is hurting his production. He has improved but only so far. Jackson will need to sit and learn a great deal before he is even able to take the QB job from Joe Flacco.  Lamar Jackson against the Dolphins showed where he improved all night. So like with any young QB, Only Time Will Tell.

The Ravens did pick up a few guys after the draft was over. Mainly in the running game with Miami transfer and Rutgers grad, Gus Edwards. Gus has been a steady back all preseason for the Ravens. He won’t be the lead ball carrier for the Ravens anytime soon, but he could be the 3rd running back on the depth chart. He has struggled to fine running room. Last week he managed to get only 58 yards on the ground, and he was able to get only 38-yards in last nights game against the Dolphins.

Gus will need to improve between now and the final 53-man roster cuts.

(Featured Photo taken by Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports)

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