What happen to Boxing? Who is the true Heir to Mayweather’s Throne?

For almost 2 decades, we were stuck in aww of the pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather. He came into the sport when it was crowded with champions, and took them out one by one. We criticized him towards the latter part of his career because of his defensive form of fighting. We cheered for his adversaries, in hopes that they would take his 0 away. We questioned the belts that he earned after not fighting Many Pacquiao, when both were at the peek of their career. Were we spoiled by Floyd’s dominance? Yes. Now we sit back waiting to see when the next dominant champion of this new era would show, an era without Floyd.

The first attempt at this challenge came when Triple G faced off against Canelo Alvarez. This match was well in the making and you could say it did not disappoint until the end. Both fighter fought and did not play as defensive as the great Floyd did throughout his career, but the fight did not have the same gusto.

The names were big, the spotlight as even bigger, but the build up was different.

Canelo vs GGG
Left: Triple G; Right: Canelo Alvarez (Joe Camporeale-USA Today)

The taunting and bad mouthing that we have become accustom to wasn’t there, and if it was it was not loud enough. The Sport clambered for the next great champion to rise up in that moment, but he did not present himself. The fight ended in a controversial  draw, if Floyd was in the ring that would not have happened.

You see, the greats do not leave big fights with unanswered questions. The greats like Iron Mike Tyson, Mohammad Ali, and Floyd Mayweather leave the arena with either the victory or the loss, and that is the difference.

Triple G and Canelo fought valiantly, but neither one had the respect of the sport like Floyd to be given a definitive answer. So I ask, if not the current leaders of the sport, then who?

There’s one fighter thats a little young but has an old swagger to him. He’s from Las Vegas, Nevada, the home of Floyd Mayweather’s camp. He is a mentee of Floyd’s. The kid I’m talking about and who is possibly the next great fighter in Boxing is Devin Haney.

At just 18-years old, the young fighter has managed a perfect 19-0 record; recently securing the USBA Lightweight Belt back in May.

Haney’s quick jabs and smooth movements around the ring has a Floyd flare to it but with his own swag. Devin is a humble fighter who is very confident in his abilities to take down any fighter in his way. Although he is young, he has superior skills than most veteran fighters that hold belts at the moment. He will meet each and everyone of those fighters in the not to distant future.

Left: Gervonta “Tank” Davis; Right: Devin Haney (Photo credit: The Boxing Clinic & More)

The power and skill that he has now will only magnify as he gains more experience. His work ethic is unmatched by his peers, and his willingness to learn from the greats before him such as Floyd Mayweather Sr, Jr,  and Roy Jones Jr will only help him reach the top faster.

Boxing is looking for a true champion to call the king of boxing. Until, Devin gets in the ring with the likes of Adrian Bronner or Gervonta Davis, we will just have to wait Haney; the true heir to the Pound-for-Pound thrown.


(Featured photo credit: Lasueur.com)

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