NFL Week 1 match-up to watch

The NFL season is fast approaching so lets look ahead at the best match-up of week 1.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants

Jalen Ramsey vs Odell Beckham

Two of the most out spoken players in the NFL. Both players were headlines this off-season for various reasons. Jalen Ramsey was on record saying which quarterbacks in the NFL he think are good or trash. One of those players was Giants QB, Eli Manning, in which Eli responded by saying “Who?” Ramsey will have to back up his claims when he matches up against Eli and Odell Beckham.

The NFL ranked Ramsey the best corner in the NFL. This past weekend, the Giants finally paid Odell Beckham for his talents to a whopping six-year $98 million deal with $65 million being guaranteed. He is without a doubt one of the top-3 wideouts in the league, and he deserves that pay day. Odell will be a tough match-up for Ramsey.

Odell is coming off another 1,000+ yard season where he caught 12 touchdowns. Odell has an uncanny ability to get open against all competition. His hands have been on display since he entered the league. His competition, Jalen Ramsey has done well in his first two seasons. He has been able to climb to the top of the league as a DB. Like stated before, he is a talker. This is a skill that has been able to get into a players mind and get them out of their game, before he even makes a play on the field. Jalen’s stats are nice, he made 63 tackles and 4 interceptions. He is a guy where you don’t want to throw to.

(Feature Photo credit: USA-Today)


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