#8 Miami Falls to #25 LSU in Texas

Last year we saw Miami take a huge step froward into the right direction, but even with the progress Miami has made last year, last nights game vs LSU in Dallas, TX shows that Miami still has some ways to go before they are ready to play LSU or any of the top teams in the Country.

Miami did not lose because they couldn’t run with LSU skill wise, Miami loss because the Hurricanes do not have a solid offensive line or solid QB play on every down. The Canes had opportunities to move the ball, but the opportunities were squandered by Malik Roisier inability to put the ball in-between the numbers when receivers or tight ends were open.

Miami Receivers did all they could with what they had, and most came down with the ball, especially Mike Thomas. He had 5 catches for 132 yards, in a game where every pass he caught was either too high or under thrown. He played up to the standard.

LSU did not do anything that Miami was not expecting. The Tigers ran the ball and threw it to keep the Canes honest, but other than that, the Tiger were who we expected them to be. Miami just did not have enough good offensive line man to move the line forward.

As for Miami’s defense, the Canes gave up some big plays on the ground and 1 or 2 through the air, but the big problem for the defense was depth and experience. Miami recruited well for the secondary and wide receivers, but Miami did not get all they needed on the D-line. Miami front seven to start the game played well. Before the starter went out in the first quarter the score was 3-3, which represents how even the teams starters were, but Miami second group let the game slip by. Even in the weeks leading to this match-up, Miami coaches had expressed the significant drop-off between the starters on the defense and the back-ups.

On that 50-yard run by LSU running back Brousett, I thing I counted about 5 or six back-ups on the field at once. I’m not saying the back-ups are not good, but they are the not good enough for the type of competition Miami hopes to compete against in the near future.

The bright side of Miami loss was that the Canes figured out that Malik did not improve, the receiving core is great, and the skill positions in key areas are good. The bad news of this game was that Miami just does not have enough elite talent on the D-line and O-line to compete against SEC Elites.


Side Note:

Miami will need to figure out a way to keep its Juniors from taking the leap into the NFL when they are not ready. Kendrick Norton was cut by the Carolina Panthers on Saturday. Just imagine how different the game vs LSU would have been if RJ Macintosh and Kendrick Norton would have come back for their senior year. Sometime chasing the money will set your career back further than staying for your last year.

(Feature photo credit: Marvel: Miami-LSU as Marvel comic (Via ESPN))

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