NC A&T Continues to win

On Sunday, the HBCU National Champions NC A&T went head to head with East Carolina, an FBS team. NC A&T played well throughout the game. The Aggies never looked out matched on Sunday, which allowed them to come out with the win over an FBS foe for the 3rd straight year.

The Aggies are not anywhere near a push over as some might expect from an HBCU football team. The Aggies are champions, and play like it every week. Last week they went against one of the better FCS teams in Jacksonville St; pulling out a win. The Aggies look like they are on a statement tour so far this year by beating teams that were considered to be better only because of the name or division in which Jacksonville St. and East Carolina play in.

The Aggies quarterback Lamar Raynard did not have his best game by far, only completing 10 pass for only 94 yards. The Aggies Defense played a major roll in the upset, which why the Aggies are 2-0 heading into week 3 and not 1-1. The defense managed to get two interceptions that help turn the tide and keep the Aggies in the game early on.

After the game, Aggies coach told ECU “Bring me my money.” ECU paid the Aggies $300,000 to make the trip. What was suppose to be a tune up game for ECU turned into a nightmare and an expensive loss.


The Aggies will finally have a home game against Gardner-Webb Saturday.


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