Nike and Kaepernick affect

At first it was just a guy sitting down on the bench during the National Anthem in a game, then it was another game and another. The Media pondering why, at the time, San Francisco 49ers star quarterback was sitting during the United States most cherished song. Some thought he might be injured, but after being asked why he was sitting on the bench, Colin Kaepernick protest began.

Colin’s protest began and is still about injustice in America toward minorities in the U.S. mainly African American people. over the past 6 or so years, many young black men have been gunned down or brutalized by the people who have sworn to protect the public. But the most alarming part is that the incidence are caught on video and the police show zero remorse for the abuse.

Kaepernick started his protest back in August of 2016. The cause was felt by a lot of athletes around the NFL and other major leagues. The NFL, which its players are predominately black, have a strong connection to those stories. Many players come from backgrounds with similar circumstances which why so many decided to either take a knee, raise a fist, or stay in the locker room.

Many of the fans who watch the NFL took either supported Kaepernick or hated him for it. Many of the fans who supported Kaepernick understood what Kap was saying. Many of those fans are minorities, while many of the people against Kap are not.

So in the recent Kaepernick saga, Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL will have its day in court. The League wanted this case thrown out because the owners have committed to saying they had anything against Kaepernick. While Kap at the time was playing at an exceptional level when he last played, the NFL has not since employed Kap.

Now Nike is in this fight too. The giant Sports apparel company released an ad campaign which featured Colin Kaepernick with the words, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” Many Nike customers took to twitter to burn their all ready purchased Nike apparel because they were against the partnership.

Even President Donald Trump had a comment about the Nike campaign, “I think it’s a terrible message, and a message that should not be sent.” Trump has been against the NFL since the players decided to take a knee and protest.

This saga of Colin Kaepernick vs The NFL will continue, but this time, in court.

(Featured Image Credit: Nike)

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