Naomi Osaka stuns Serena Williams in U.S. Open

Naomi Osaka stuns the great Serena Williams in a battle between legend and the future.

Serena Williams is arguably the greatest Tennis player of all time considering men and Women. she’s won 23 grand slams in her career; dominating the competition along the way. This season was her return season. She battled blood clots after having her daughter in 2017. Serena Williams was trying to be the oldest player to win a grand slam.

As for Naomi, she is only getting started. She was strong in her serves and returns. She played masterfully against the Icon Serena Williams. This a huge win that believe it or not, Naomi wanted this match-up. It’s a match-up that we probably will not see much, as Serena Williams is at the latter part of her career.

Naomi, ranked 20th, in the world played well the entire U.S. Open. Naomi won both sets in this battle of generations. We will be looking forward to more Naomi Osaka in the future.

(Featured Photo Credit: Mathew Stockman/ Cosmopolitan) 

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