Jaguars vs Patriots Preview

The Jaguars and the Patriots matchups are turning into the AFC’s biggest match ups. The two teams squared off in the AFC championship games with the Patriots winning that game, 24-20. The Patriots scored 14 points in the 4th quarter to win it. 

The Patriots and the Jags are dealing with injuries. Leonard Fournette injured his hamstring in the first half of last week’s win over the NY Giants.

The Jags saw significant affects after his departure from the game, but they were still able to come out victorious.

In my opinion, the Jags will need Fournette later in the season, so what a week 2 without him.

As for the Patriots, they have issues at Running back and Receiver positions. Running back Jeremy Hill was placed on injury reserved and Rex burkhead was placed on the injury report as well. Rookie running back Sony Michel, out of Georgia, has a slight knee injury and playing him could make the injury worse.

James white is their other back who is healthy, but he’s not the type of runner you want going in between the tackles.

Like the Patriots have always been, the Patriots will have new receivers in the line up to help Tom Brady. Without Edelman, and many other receivers from last season, the Patriots are playing with a shallow pool of dependable receivers.

Former first round Cleveland browns Draft pick correct Colman will get another chance at this NFL stuff. His hands Have been the big question throughout his short career, and if he hopes to stay on this Patriots team he better catch everything.

Because of the offensive struggles the Patriots displayed vs the Texans in week 1, I have the Jags winning 27-24. With the knowledge of the Patriots playing the Jags again in the Playoffs.

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