Jeanie Buss, the woman behind the Empire

When we think about athletes, we rarely think about female athletes, and if we do it’s usually Serena Williams or Simone Biles. These two women are great, and have pushed the idea of the female athlete further. But there’s another place in sports where women are changing the status quo, sitting at the big boy table, making the big decisions that will either make or break there clubs.

One of those power house decision making women is none other than Jeanie Buss.

Jeanie Buss is the Owner of the Los Angeles Lakers; one of the most stories and beloved sports franchise in all of sports. Jeanie gained this role when her late father, Dr. Jerry Buss, appointed her to lead the Lakers following his death. After a attempt,by her two brothers Jim and Johnny, to push her out of the controlling interest of the Lakers failed, she pushed them out.

Jeanie Buss was given the task of reviving the Lakers, and her first power move was hiring Magic Johnson to see it through. Magic is the in charge of Basketball Operations. In a way this is what Jerry Buss wanted. Magic and Jeanie making the Lakers great again.

Jeanie has always been in around the sports management business in L.A. She became president of the Forum and the team’s alternate governor when her dad was able to be in 1995. While she was in college she was the President of L.A. Stings, a tennis team, and the L.A. Blades; a roller hockey team.

Jeanie and Magic made the blockbuster move of the off-season in signing the best player in NBA, LeBron James. The Lakers have built a young nucleus of talent by drafting good

players in the last 3 draft classes, and now with the addition of LeBron James and few new NBA veterans the Lakers might be ready to make a run at the Western Conference finals.

It’s fitting that Jeanie Buss signed the best player in the league like her father did years ago. The Showtime Lakers might not be as dominant as the Laker’s of the 80’s, but with Jeanie Buss leading the charge in Los Angeles it’s only a matter of time that the Lakers will be Lifting the Larry O’Brian Trophy again.

Featured Photo credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times


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