College Football Stereotypes

There are a few things in college football that we know will happen and that we know that will not happen. No matter what happens, we have come accustom to these few stereotypes no matter what happens during the season, we KNOW this will happen in once the season ends.

So here is our College Football Stereotypes by conference and Notre Dame.


Clemson is good and might get over the hump and win the national title, but what we know is that Clemson will come up short some way some how. Clemson will lose at lease 1-game by the end of the year. This loss could come from NC State, which I think will happen, or in the college football playoffs if they make it.

Miami is good but will always be 1-step away from the college football playoffs. The Canes have not be a sure thing since 2002, and ever since the Canes have been a tier 2 program to the most elite teams. Florida and Florida State have won national titles in the span since Miami’s last championship.

Florida State is a tier 1 program but they are known for doing the same thing as Clemson, lose 1 game that they should not lose. At the moment, the Noles are in a little problem. The Seminoles loss their head coach to another program, Texas A&M of all places. This puts the question in our heads “Is Florida State a true tier 1 program.”

Big Ten

Ohio State or nothing. There is no other team in the Big Ten that you would expect to make the college football playoffs. Why is this? Well there has been only one team from the Big Ten to do it. Ohio State is the Big Ten and everyone else are sprinkles on the cake.

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Michigan is what Miami is to the ACC. A really good tier 2 team that may one day get a national title in the near future if they recruit better and look themselves in the mirror and understand they are behind the best of the best.

Wisconsin will never make the college football playoffs. Wisconsin is the gate keeper to the college football playoffs. You must beat a team like Wisconsin to know that you are on your way to a great team. Penn State falls into this category as well.

Big 12

Oklahoma is the team to beat for the Big 12, but they will not win a national title. They will make the the college football playoff, but they will not win it all. They will even make the national title game, and the Sooners will never win it. They play zero defense in the Big 12. Any QB can be a star at Oklahoma… and I mean any.

Texas has become a very rich tier 2 program like Michigan. I would say Miami also, but we know that Miami’s budget is not as big as Texas or Michigan, but they all fall into the tier 2 category. Texas fan base is delusional about their program. The Longhorns need to recruit better and recruit players from other states like Florida a little harder because those players from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio are a little hungrier than the players from the west coast.

Everyone else in the Big 12 are tier 3 teams that score a lot of points that will mean nothing at the end of the season.

Notre Dame

The Irish are tier 2 as well with a tier 1 attitude. They play teams from anywhere. When they have a good team, they are right below a tier 1 program. The Irish just don’t have “it” to get them a national title.


USC is the best program in the west even when they are losing. The Trojans run the recruiting circuit there and it is not even close. If you are on the west coast, good, and have an offer from USC, you will most likely play at USC. the Trojans just need a consistent head coach. They have the same pull as Alabama, but they don’t have consistent coaching like Alabama. No matter what, the Trojans are a Tier 1 program.

Stanford are the ground and pound team with good QB play. They are the team that Jim Harbough made good, and the school Andrew Luck came from. Other than those statements, the Cardinals are Tier 3 because they won’t make the college football playoffs and are never considered national title contender in anyones head. Like if you say “Stanford wins the national title” to yourself it just doesn’t feel right.

Washington is the next good program in the Pac-12. They are tier 2 because of the draw they get from the recruits who decide not to play for USC. The Huskies are good but will need to do a lot to beat the elite teams.

UCLA is nothing.


Alabama controls college football, but the Tide controls the SEC period. Alabama is a the elite program of college football. They have completely dominated college football with an iron fist. They may lose a game, but it won’t be before Auburn or the college football playoffs. The Tide are so good that thinking where their run will end is unthinkable. If you are in the SEC, you have to hope Alabama lose Nick Saban to the NFL or retirement soon.

Georgia is Alabama’s clone. they are Tier 1 now because of last season, but what will happen later this year is the question. Was last year luck or what the Georgia program will be.

Florida, LSU, and Auburn are the other teams that are Tier 1 programs at the moment. LSU is usually the second best team in the SEC, until Georgia came along, but with sub-par QB play over the years, LSU has been a great bowl team and that’s it.

Auburn is the Alabama step-child that you like but know they will not finish the season. prime example, last season; beat Georgia, Alabama, but lose to Georgia in the conference title game. You knew they would slip, and then lose to UCF in the bowl game. What a way to end a once promising ending.

Florida is probably the greatest overall program in the SEC. whether it is Football, basketball, baseball, or what ever it is; Florida is usually the best. The Football team is still trying to find its way after Urban Meyer left them almost 10 seasons ago. It was a bitter divorce, and the Gators have not returned to the top since. To make the break-up worse, one year after he left for a medical issue, Urban came back to coaching, but for the Ohio State Buckeyes. The school he crushed in the national title game back in 2006. What a way to leave. He also won another championship with the Buckeyes.

These are my College Football Stereotypes. If you this is wrong, please comment.

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