Recruiting Stereotypes & Truth’s

Some of the biggest stereotypes about college football recruiting that no one wants to point out. Don’t be surprised at what you see.

4-5 stars Means nothing

These ratings may not mean a lot , but they do mean something. Some of the best players in college football were not even considered 4 stars let alone 5, so when people say the stars don’t mean anything, they are partially right. But if you are a team looking to make noise in the future and build a championship team, you might want to have a bunch of solid 4 stars and a few 5 stars on your roster.

Players like any other student coming out of high school want to go to a place where all the cool kids are going, and the cool kids are the highly rated players. Players don’t want to be the lone soldier anymore. everyone once to play on a team that is stacked or becoming stacked.

It’s like adults and a country club; everyone wants to be apart of this club, but not everyone can get in. Stars don’t mean much once you get to the NFL, but they do hold weight in recruiting the next great players and competing for championships year in and year out. Just look at the top-10 teams in the country. Maybe Wisconsin is sitting there with a lot of 3 and 4 star players, but other than that, majority of those players on those College Football Playoff teams are 4 or 5 star players respectfully.

Recruits are scared of competition

Since Alabama became the dominant program that they are currently in college football, a lot more big time recruits are deciding to jump on one team rather than compete against each other. It’s like the NBA when the Celtics decided to add Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen with Paul Pierce, or LeBron James and the Miami Heat years after.

If you are a real competitor wouldn’t you want to beat the best and not join the best, like Kevin Durant?

Everyone think they are a beast

Everyone in high school think they are a school’s best recruit, and many of them truly believe that. Many of these kids are the best at their school and possibly in their city, so all the acculades these kids are getting from their friends and family usually clouds them of where they truly stand. I do believe that if you are good, you will be seen. Now in this world of social media, each athlete has the opportunity to make his fame grow, and possibly increase his stars.


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